Kerry Gladue

Kerry Gladue

After many years of abuse and neglect, he turned to drugs to numb out the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. After witnessing his Mother struggle through her own issues of abuse from her Residential School upbringing, he believed that his dreams meant nothing and that life was about surviving.

After numerous suicide attempts and involvement with criminal activity to support his addiction, Kerry woke up in Calgary Remand Centre. It was in that prison cell that Kerry made a decision that would not only change the course of his life but impact many others in a positive way through his journey.

“I had wanted a new life but was so sick from all the drugs I was taking. I woke up in a jail cell, realizing that everything I had worked for in my life was now gone. My kids hated me, I was embarrassed and ashamed from all the crimes I was doing just to feed my habit and to feel normal,” remembers Kerry.

Kerry is now employed as Intake Coordinator/Counsellor for Simon House Recovery Centre and serves on the Board of Directors for Canadian Centre for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (cc4ms).

Kerry’s lifelong experiences have been shared with the hope of inspiring others and promoting healing. Kerry’s Book ‘Second Chances’ takes the reader through his story of trauma and addiction and then on his journey of healing and recovery. A portion of book proceeds goes to subsidize program delivery for Kerry to reach others through his story of hope AND to support programs for whole families: women, children and men through Simon House Recovery Centre and Alcove Recovery for Women.

As I review my life, I sit and wonder many things I thought I’d never remember nor what I really ever want to remember. It’s strange how some things bring back such emotions that are just as real as when they happened, from facing my abusers again, being that scared little Indian boy who’s been told he’s ‘no good for nothing’, being punched and kicked by grown men, to my school peers reminding me that I was just a wagon burner, a dirty Indian. I will share my story of my life, my life of growing up in the system, from apprehensions by Social Services to being sexually abused in their care, the death of my family members, life on the streets to organized crime, and finally to now as an Addiction Counsellor and Facilitator in one of the top treatment centers in Canada. I will try my best to protect those who are not ready to start healing. All in all, I want to give hope since we are no different; we hurt, we feel, and we desire the best life we can have, and I want you to know that you deserve it. Here is my story...

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