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BRAVE empowers YOU as an individual, organizational leader or community by offering strategic training and consulting services for social impact and... as a social enterprise, supports BRAVE Education.

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19 November 2020

Optimist Event to support…

BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention, an in-school program to prevent children from being trafficked, using film and story. It’s preventable!

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Book Redpath Talent

Marika Sila and James Jones perform, share their personal experiences and deliver workshops to empower youth. Marika and James are also spokespeople for BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention.

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Kerry Gladue Book Purchase

Kerry has written his book, ‘Second Chances: The Kerry Gladue Story,’ about his journey from trauma to transformation to help others.

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Gain insight on how BRAVE Communications leverages unique and creative leadership training tactics to help our upcoming leaders gain the most current media and presentation skills.

BRAVE Communications

As a social enterprise creating strategic communications plans and tools to promote behavioural change, BRAVE Communications works with leaders sharing matching values dedicated to health, wellness and sustainable living.

What our supporters have to say

Kerry Gladue

Author of "Second Chances: The Kerry Gladue Story"

When I first met Kelly and told her about my story, I knew then that she would be the right fit for my book. I had taken such a tough step in revealing all of my demons and secrets which would need someone with a lot of compassion and understanding to help make this a success. Not seeing me for my past mistakes, but rather encouraging me to use my history as a tool to make positive changes in the community, she pushed me to keep going when it seemed time was standing still.
Thank you again, Kelly, for all your compassion and dedication in helping me make a difference in our community. I am extremely pleased with all your hard work.

Barbara Thrasher

Vice-president, Work-Life Resources

Kelly has the strategic focus to oversee a broad reach of high level branding and is able to transition from strategy to implementing tactics without a pause. From social media, to public relations, to event planning, to fund development she has a working knowledge of it all. More importantly she is an entrepreneur who is capable of building something sustainable from the ground up with few resources.

Frances Wright

CEO, cc4ms (Canadian Centre for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse)

It has been my privilege to work with Kelly Schuler over  the past five years on our public awareness campaign. As a seasoned CEO of organizations serving the public and influencing people from the C-­suite to political
office and from health professionals to dedicated volunteers, I have worked with diverse people of many
characters. I have found Kelly to be a consummate and talented professional
– always full of great ideas,
knowledge and effective