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Every goal needs a plan. And every plan needs a strategy. 
Strategic planning is an integral part of sustainable business growth. desnoyers-schuler specializes in helping clients define and achieve their goals quickly and efficiently using responsible, effective marketing communications techniques. We design and implement effective strategies for any sized organization, at any stage of development.

Providing facilitation, action planning and advice geared to realizing your goals, reaching the right people at the right time and place makes all the difference. Research-based, we understand clients needs, those of your competition, and the industry. Time spent with us is worthwhile and we help you meet your objectives.

Social-based marketing is built on principles of identifying barriers and benefits of desired behaviours in a company, community or group. Social marketing in a e-strategy model stimulates electronic-based group communication. Both can reach significant numbers by targeting special interest groups or niche markets.

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Consulting: Media & Relations

The results of traditional media relations campaigns advised and implemented by desnoyers-schuler have catapulted many clients to a new level of visibility. In all cases our clients have benefited from editorial coverage in media. Successes include coverage in Canadian and American consumer magazines, daily newspapers across Canada in over 12 cities, international professional publications, numerous Canadian radio networks and all major Canadian television networks.

Social media is most successful in grass-roots and niche marketing to special interest groups. This area currently has the most expansive opportunities.

Clear and strategic communication is the beginning of change. Strength in communication is strength in relationships.

desnoyers-schuler will facilitate the identification of your key communications messages, determine best channels to clearly communicate your message to clients, employees and stakeholders in a way that is both meaningful and powerful.

Examples of key communications messaging are demonstrated and



We can harvest powerful business strategies from our forests, lakes and prairies, according to Kelly Schuler, founder of Brave Communications.

Imitation of nature, or biomimicry, is a principle that drives much current scientific and technological research. Brave Communications prepares business owners to create opportunities by examining parallel challenges – and solutions – in nature. That was the inspiration for a recent workshop presented by Brave Communications and REAP, and supported by DIRTT Environmental Solutions.

“Biomimicry looks to systems in nature for resilience, adaptation, and innovation,” explains Kelly. “There are over three billion years of nature evolving, surviving, thriving. We look at what we can model after patterns in nature.”

The two-day collaborative workshop engaged 20 participants from a broad range of business sectors. The focus was strategic planning. Using the principles of biomimicry, each participant outlined a challenge, desired outcome, milestones, supportive network, and measures of success. Then each presented the strategic plan to a small group, with coaching support from Brave Communications.

Brave Communications specializes in strategic business and communication skills development, and Kelly stresses the importance of the corporate narrative. “It’s the story that your business tells to influence and inspire stakeholders, whether they’re internal or external.”

Each participant left with a concise, practical strategic plan, and a stronger corporate narrative supported by biomimicry – the power of nature.

The event also featured presentations by industry leaders who are thriving, in spite of the current economy. Sal Howell, the owner of River Café, hosted a dinner and garden tour at the restaurant. Dennis Cuku, co-founder of Edmonton’s Mosaic Centre, presented on innovation. “I've taken part in conventional business strategy workshops and executive leadership organizations," he says, "but this one was different. I felt almost immediately that I could be open and vulnerable. This enabled the ‘real’ work to be done in overcoming challenges I face. The results gave me powerful new insights and solutions.”

Marjan Eggermont, an internationally-recognized expert in Biomimicry, engaged participants in Biomimicry Games. Marjan is the Associate Dean of Student Services in the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, and the editor of Zygote Quarterly, an online biomimicry journal.

Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist for ATB Financial presented on adaptation with his colleague Rob Roach, Director of Insight in Economics and Research. “Humans have been learning from nature for millennia," says Rob. "But we seem to be at a turning point in our ability to grasp and apply natural processes to social and technological challenges. The workshop provided an opportunity to learn about exciting developments in this area and to see how they can be applied in practical ways in our daily lives."

"I was impressed with Kelly Schuler and Ken Cameron’s ability to weave each participant’s business strategy into a compelling story to be used for marketing purposes,” writes Andrée Iffrig of DIRTT Environmental Solutions, and Sustainability Lead and Associate with the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. “Biomimicry principles are mostly indigestible to the average business person. This workshop made biomimicry not just digestible but downright tasty.”

Kelly is planning future biomimicry-inspired workshops where the presenters actively participate in the activities in November and February.


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Brave Communications is a Calgary-based social enterprise that empowers corporate and not-for-profit leaders, and anyone else who is working to build our community, through performance training and coaching. Executive Director Kelly Schuler also helps form community projects that are designed to bring community innovators and the public together.

Tapping into performance techniques helps leaders from all sectors develop a more compelling message. It helps them to communicate with ease, influence and authenticity, in order that they may increase the impact of their work by improving their public speaking presence. Performance skills training can be done in a workshop format or as a two-day retreat. By teaching how to incorporate performance techniques into their own work environments, the training benefits leaders and their teams.

But Brave Communications does more than coach people on the techniques of inspiration. It demonstrates the transformative power of connecting the community through communication and culture and in this way it too inspires Calgarians. One such example of this work is containR in Sunnyside.

The first project of its kind in Calgary, containR is hosted as a partnership between Springboard Performance and Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association. It’s an interactive community of makers, creators, and innovators sharing their work with the public through a pop-up village being built out of bridge matting and repurposed shipping containers. Expect to see containR built on the 2-acre lot on 2nd Avenue NW in the coming months.

Whether it’s supporting Sustainable Alberta’s efforts in growing Commuter Challenge, helping REAP businesses to better articulate the benefit of a vibrant local economy, or bringing peace and harmony through the musical performances of Morag Northey, Brave Communications is an important part of our brave new world.


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