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BRAVE Communications is committed to helping its clients find their authentic voice -- improving their presentation or public speaking skills through hosting communication-based workshops and retreats. These workshops are often lead by people in the theatre industry, such as vocal coaches and artistic directors.

BRAVE Communications also provides research, planning, implementation including: evaluation, branding, media relations, events and strategic facilitation. When designing plans and campaigns for clients, the team brings their attention to develop their clients' businesses in a way that promotes economic, environmental and socially sustainable business practices.

While lending a helping hand to clients from business owners to political leaders, BRAVE Communications and its people are also charitable with its time and money. BRAVE provides community and not-for-profit support, typically at a rate of 35% (or more) of its revenue, and is pleased to support some high impact organizations such as BRAVE Education Programs and (Canadian Centre for Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse).



Kelly Schuler of BRAVE Communications has taken clients of all walks of life through public speaking workshops, boosting their confidence and public speaking skills.

She says that communication is “the foundation of all skills,” and knows how critical it is to have such a skillset in the corporate world. This notion also rings true for one of her most memorable clients and a fellow REAP business, Scott Jenkins, President of DIRTT Environmental Solutions.

Several years ago, Scott had signed up for the REAP media training program BRAVE Communications had organized, but had to bail out when his wife had their baby the night before.

BRAVE Communications opted to give Scott a private session, and he liked it so much that he requested they put his team through the training as well.

“It’s good to get third-party perspectives on how we communicate to the world, deliver our message, our value proposition, and how people challenge us,” says Scott. “I’d like to think that as an organization, we have some humility and know we could always do better.”

Scott, who admitted to getting excited and long-winded when talking about his company, learned some tips and tricks from Kelly that still stick with him a year and a half later, like answering media questions in quick soundbites, or how to steer the conversation in a particular direction.

“One thing I still do, not to sound corny, but if I have to give a big talk I just breathe, and drink some water beforehand,” he says. “I’m a huge coffee addict, but if I know I’m giving a big interview or a speech, I cut back on my caffeine so I don’t get fidgety.”

He adds that it’s the little things, the ones that he never would have thought would make a difference, that keep him a little more focused.

“We feel privileged to help promote great people doing great things,” says Kelly.


  1. Join REAP and BRAVE Communications for an active workshop to successfully create and develop healthy natural business growth solutions using biomimicry. Biomimicry solves management problems by copying nature - using powerful, creative communication systems. This workshop also includes pre and/or post coaching, based on your unique organization's needs.
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  3. Learn more about BRAVE Communications' involvement in the BRAVE Education Programs including Bike Safety and Training, which gives children who may not otherwise have the chance, an opportunity to learn to ride a bike safely.
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