Angus Cockney - the Icewalker

Angus Cockney - the Icewalker

Angus shares his story: “Residential School: SCARS and STARS

Angus Cockney, despite scars of being a residential school survivor and an orphan by age eight, achieved success and challenges others to do the same.


“Life is not how you make it, it’s how you take it,” he says. Survivors of Residential School often don’t focus on their destiny but feed their history.


Angus Cockney shares his experiences of 13 years of residential school including the good and the bad. “Yes, it is well known how bad the experience was, but,” Angus says, “what’s next?”


Angus Cockney speaks of his expedition to the North Pole on skis, relating it to one’s life journey, inspiring you to push through expected obstacles to find what’s next. That story of overcoming obstacles is captured in beautiful photographic imagery of the spectacular yet harsh environment.


Like his North Pole journey, Angus inspired his audience in their own journey to find and reach his or her own destiny. His presentation is relatable to every person’s life journey in classrooms of all ages, and for leaders themselves.


“Angus collaborated with me and offered his in depth, hands on, engaging presentation to my Grade 2 class at McKenzie Towne School for the last three years. In his presentation, he covers various topics about the North including: the different regions and people, Inuit words, and his own experience of travelling to the North Pole on cross country skis.

Angus interacts and engages students in a meaningful way and demonstrates traits such as courage, bravery and perseverance. Students love the opportunity to ask him questions and have one to one time with him when practicing their string games or creating their art. He also shares his artistic expertise and works with students to create a meaningful sculpture using different media. Angus’ work helps to solidify students’ knowledge. He provides an incredible experience that students will remember for years to come.” – Kelsey Shillington

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